Interaction on Instagram

Interacting with other users is of vital importance on any self-respecting social network, including Instagram. Obviously, to interact it is not enough to put likes left and right, you need to do more: communicate, talk with other users, comment on trending posts, express your opinions on a certain topic and create constructive discussions.

In doing so, however, try to respect whoever is on the other side of the screen. Don’t be a hater: there are already too many around the web! Rather, try to follow the tips I’m about to give you that may be particularly helpful in improving your Instagram reputation.

  • Comment To Ask For Advice On How To Be More Successful On Instagram – by doing this you can achieve a double goal: users will appreciate you for your humility and, above all, you can learn some “tricks” from users who perhaps have more experience with this social network. Buy USA Instagram comments to help with this!
  • Create Constructive Discussions – by making smart comments you can stand out from the crowd and get noticed by other members of the community (and who, perhaps, could be pushed to become your followers!).
  • Never Say Things You Wouldn’t Say In Real Life – for some reason, when you’re behind a keyboard you think you’re “untouchable” and can say whatever you want. The key to not falling into this mistake is to behave with others just like you would in real life.
  • Don’t Resort To Bad Language To Impress Others  – if you did that, you would not only violate Instagram’s terms of use (at the risk of being banned) but you would also be seen as rude. So avoid using bad words and offensive terms.

Use Live Live Correctly

Using Live in the correct way is another excellent “gimmick” you can use to get lots of followers on Instagram. Users love to follow other people’s streams, as long as they are interesting and engaging, so use Live the right way!

When doing Live on Instagram,  choose the right place to shoot your life. The ideal is to find a fairly quiet place, not too crowded and/or noisy. In this way, the users who watch the broadcast will be able to understand what you say and what is the topic you are dealing with.

If you are short of ideas and do not know which topics to cover during the live shows, take advantage of the opportunity to interact in real-time with your audience and ask which topics are of interest to them and, among the topics proposed, choose the one you know the most. and that you think can benefit the “health” of your Instagram profile.

In order to try to gain new followers, it is of fundamental importance that you share your life as soon as the broadcast is concluded. By doing so, you will give the possibility to view it (for the next 24 hours) to those who have not been able to watch it streaming.

A great way to get noticed on Instagram is also to make a live sharing with a friend and follower. Contact one of your most “loyal” followers privately and let them know about this new Instagram feature. Get him involved by asking him to join your next live stream; you will see that he will be thrilled.…