Instagram Followers

How To Increase Followers On Instagram: The Mistakes To Avoid

A follower is a user who by clicking on the “follow” button decides to follow with his profile the stories and posts of another user on Instagram. With this action, the follower expects to receive news directly on his Instagram Feed (the section where follower updates appear), expressing the desire to be entertained; this aspect, if exploited to the fullest, can represent a valuable advantage.

In this sense, Instagram is an excellent tool for personal branding and improving your web reputation or generating profits: if you manage to have a significant number of people interested in what you publish, you can turn this business into a profit opportunity.

However, increasing followers is not easy: in fact, method, strategy, perseverance, and commitment are necessary. Many do not share this approach and choose a different path to increase their followers: they buy them. On some portals, it is, in fact, possible to buy followers but very often these are fake contacts. In this way, you can certainly get many followers in a short time, based on how much you pay, but it is also true that these are passive users who do not interact with what you post; moreover, their presence reduces the chances of appearing in the “Explore” section, ideal place to have great visibility on Instagram: to enter this section with your posts, in fact, you must have many likes and comments, interactions that you will not be able to receive from fake users, which will serve to increase the follower count on your profile.

So Here’s How To Increase Instagram Followers In Eight Steps

If you are wondering how to increase followers on Instagram you need to study a strategy and carry it out over time. Here are some of the best practices to do so.

Personalize Your Profile

Spend some time building your page by entering all the required data (name, description, site, related activity, etc.). If it is a personal page, please provide information about yourself; if the page is dedicated to your business, you should explain what you do. In short, try to be as transparent as possible, captivating, and creative. You can do it right away by curating your Instagram bio :

  • post an attractive and distinctive profile photo
  • write a text using a bulleted list of keywords
  • add links from your Facebook page or site.

Post Beautiful, Eye-Catching Photos

Only original images will be able to attract the attention of your followers who usually spend their time scrolling through their feed and observing magnificent photos of big brands or private users. Avoid buying photos online to repost them on your page – it’s not a smart move considering you may not be the only one using this trick. Here are some helpful tips:

  • take pictures yourself, make sure they are of quality, and edit them to give a touch of originality.
  • post photos that convey emotions, an element sought after by users.
  • publish photos that have distinctive characters and avoid images that are the same as those of your competitors.
  • uniform the style of the photos you publish using the same photographic typology and the same color scale in order to obtain a coherent chromatic unit.
  • if the image has a single dominant color it gets more likes.
  • enter the location: your photo will appear in searches every time a user searches for that place.

Publish Every Day

Sharing photos at the right times is the winning move to get more followers. For example, posting at 5 am ensures you have few viewing opportunities; better therefore to prefer more social hours. You don’t have to document every moment of the day, but try to always be ready to capture important moments.

Always Use Hashtags

The # key inserted in front of a word turns into a keyword for your followers. To create your hashtags, choose relevant keywords that users can identify with. Whenever a user searches for a hashtag on Instagram, they find themselves in front of a page divided into:

  • most popular posts, with 9 featured photos;
  • more recent posts, which therefore follow a chronological order.

Entering this Popular Page, therefore, has a double purpose: you can gain visibility because the Instagram algorithm recognizes your content as a quality one. Choosing the right hashtag is therefore very important.

How to write the right # on Instagram? Avoid words that are too long and also those that are too generic: it is advisable, for each photo, to insert up to a maximum of 30 hashtags, evaluating the usefulness and relevance of the keywords with the subject or theme of the photo.

Usa Instagram Stories

Instagram StoriesStories Archive, and Highlights are tools that allow you to create and keep stories on your profile that can also be shared on Facebook. They are therefore great for companies who want to describe the functionality of their products

Usa La Call To Action

That is, invite your followers to take an action such as clicking on a link you have entered.

Become An Active User

Follow your followers, comment, write impactful captions under your photos, or tag your friends to increase interactions.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Live.

You can increase your presence by adding Instagram’s live streaming feature. You can make direct, have guests, and with the Live Request feature you can involve your followers and viewers of the live streaming.