Instagram Followers

Increase Instagram Followers – Effective Methods 2022

The reasons can be different, some simply like to be popular on this social media, others use it for marketing purposes and to promote their brand, and still others to make money. Whatever your purpose, the methods I’ll show you later will be extremely useful, so stop wasting your time and let’s get down to business.

Post Original Photos And Use Filters That Attract Attention

This technique may seem obvious to you but it is essential to be successful on Instagram.

Always remember that the goal is not only to get followers but also to ensure that they continue to interact with you over time, otherwise all your work will have been useless and many people will soon stop following you.

For this reason, it always tries to post quality content that could really interest the user.

My advice is to use more or less the same filter in order to create an identity as if that effect were identifying you or your brand.

Obviously, this is always if your goal is to become really popular, otherwise, you are free to post whatever you want, and use this tool for pure entertainment.

Likes, Comments, And Follows

Now we begin to think.

By putting several likes or even better by commenting on the photos of other users, in all probability part of these will reciprocate with a follow or alike. It might sound absurd, but trust me, it is. Even better if you decide directly to follow that person.

In other words, it tries to be active within the platform.

Follow and comment mainly on well-known personalities in line with your profile or recently registered users, usually they are much more likely to follow you accordingly.

Post At The Right Times

Not everyone knows, but posting at certain times increases engagement and not a little.

Choose the right times, which are usually after 5 pm (especially Monday) and Sunday. In addition, it has been statistically shown that posting every 3/4 hours significantly increases the organic reach of every single post.

To give you an example you could program your profile to post something in the morning, after lunch, after 5, and finally in the evening, but you could very well post only once or twice, do not feel obliged to post continuously, try to keep the always high quality of your profile.

Personally, to further increase the quality and success of your profile, I recommend that you never post more than 3 photos a day and always add a description under each photo.