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Increase Instagram Followers In 2022: Over 150 Followers Per Day

You’re looking for a way to increase Instagram followers, but it seems like any effort is in vain. Did I guess? It is the same thing that happened to me when I embarked on this adventure on this Social. I have read a thousand guides and strategies but nothing. Do you want to know what I did then?

Let’s start with the principles. It was 2011 when I decided to open a profile on Instagram. I did not yet know the mechanisms of this Social Network, but I remember that I immediately began to have concrete feedback with the first published photos.

There weren’t many active users at the time, but the engagement was very high. Just a few hashtags (#sun #love #friend) and likes and new followers arrived.

You are right. This is no longer the case, Instagram has changed a lot since that time. He turned into another creature. In fact, in 2012 Facebook acquired the company and introduced live streams on Instagram and stories that last 24 hours.

Guess what? I was a landslide, I did not “understand” the change. After some time I had almost lost all enthusiasm.

I posted photos every day and exchanged likes but the curious fact is that in addition to not gaining any more followers, I was losing them.

Yes, you read that right. Not only could I no longer be followed, but I also lost the user base I already had. Absurd, I thought.

Even more absurd if you think that the loss of followers was constant.

I didn’t know where to turn.

I started looking for guides on the web to be able to find a solution, but nothing. It seemed that everything I did was useless.

I was doing something wrong. It was inevitable. So I decided to start over.

I closed my old profile and opened a new one.

This time I wouldn’t be wrong, I said to myself. I took a sheet of paper and started writing:

  • Focus on a specific topic
  • Identify the ideal audience
  • Dedicate the right time
  • Post, Reel, and Stories programming

Ah, obviously it wouldn’t have been easy but the change of attitude played a fundamental role in my new path.

Time, effort, and strategies have paid off. So don’t believe those who tell you that there is some magical tool that generates real and segmented followers out of thin air.

I wish it was like that. Too bad that reality is something else.

Today I feel that I can share my path and give you concrete advice based on my experience.

After the black darkness of my first profile, I managed to get more followers on my profile. I even reached the peak of over 150 followers a day.

However, I must admit that the number of users was the least interesting thing. Guess what why? I don’t lose followers anymore. Yes just like this. Nobody clicks on the Unfollow button anymore.


Virtually everything. Those who abandoned me were not even to be considered “followers”. They weren’t interested in me and what I posted.

Let’s not run through. I want to proceed step by step so that you don’t get confused.

Alone? Not necessarily…

This is a guide for those who want to take the path alone, without any help. Some of you, however, have told me that you do not have the knowledge to do all this and that you do not have much time available.

I believe that is precisely the moment in which you have to rely on a team of professionals, who study a growth strategy suited to your profile and carry it out with tangible results.

It can be one of the best solutions to grow on Instagram, focusing only on the material to publish.

Without thinking about anything else.

For those who want to go on this adventure alone, go ahead and read this guide.

Let’s get started right away.

In fact, I’m sorry.

Can I ask you a favor first? It took me several weeks to write this guide and I am committed to always updating it, if you like it, could you repay my work with a simple action?

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